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KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing and developing advanced apparel for motorcycle and off-road riders.

KLIM was one of the first motorcycle brands to use flexible D3O® technology in their apparel, which is worn and trusted by riders in the world’s most extreme conditions and terrains.


Since its release, The KLIM Badlands Pro collection has become gear of choice for many adventure riders and world travellers.

The latest generation of the Badlands Pro features KLIM AERO PRO D3O® - the most comprehensive CE Level 2 motorcycle protection package for motorcycle, passing all four CE tests for Ambient, Wet, Hot and Cold.

The new D3O® armour, exclusive to KLIM, has 44% better coverage following feedback from riders, with the new design also providing five-times better ventilation through improved airflow.


“My favourite adventure jacket is the Klim Badlands… Over the past year, I’ve ridden thousands of miles in this piece and I think it strikes the perfect balance in terms of features and design.”
Outside Online

“The qualities of D3O allow the armour to be thinner than many other types of protection, and also more ­flexible when not under impact’s duress.” Cycle World

Thank You D3O®

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