KLIM® Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing and developing advanced apparel for motorcycle and off-road riders. KLIM were one of the first to use flexible D3O® technology in their apparel, which is worn and trusted by riders in the world’s most extreme conditions and terrains.


Since its release five years ago, the KLIM Badlands Pro has become gear of choice for many adventure riders and world travellers. D3O worked with KLIM to update the collection, with the third generation of the Badlands launched as part of their 2018 motorcycle collection.

Following an independent industry-wide lab study, which confirmed that D3O® technology had the best performance potential, KLIM requested a bespoke armour range for the new Badlands Pro.

KLIM Product Manager Jayson Plummer: “Our conclusion ultimately validated the partner we have trusted for over six years – D3O – who had the best balance of impact results combined with weight, flexibility, and thickness.

“We approached D3O to work on a new limb protection project that would drastically improve upon some of the areas that our customers had been asking for, such as increased coverage and greater ventilation, without compromising mobility and comfort.”

The Approach

D3O Product Designer Paul Seward: “The first stage was to make sure our materials would not only pass CE Level 2, but also the additional conditions that KLIM had requested. We tested different thicknesses, densities and geometries to make sure we were getting the right performance.

“We worked closely with KLIM to build on that foundation, working their requests for improved coverage, breathability and air flow management into the bespoke design.

“We tested around a thousand different parts to get to the finished AERO PRO range, which offers maximum ventilation and improved impact performance.”

The Solution

The new KLIM AERO PRO D3O® range is the most comprehensive CE Level 2 protection package available in the motorcycle industry, passing all four CE tests for Ambient, Wet, Hot and Cold.

The AERO PRO pads provide 44% better coverage, with the new geometry providing five-times better ventilation through improved air flow. Each pad is designed to be specific to the corresponding body part, which means improved impact performance while also being intuitive to rider movements.

Key Success Factors

  • CE Level 2 certification – Ambient, Wet, Hot and Cold
  • 44% better coverage
  • 5 x better ventilation
  • Limb-specific pads
  • Improved ergonomics to aid rider movement


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